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In the Contemporary Crafts program at Columbus College of Art & Design, you’ll dive into digital practices and a variety
of production techniques using materials you’ve been hoping to get your hands on (clay, glass, fiber, metal and more). You’ll learn how to make objects that impact economy and culture alike. 


Plus, our favorite art and design tools, professors, and study break spots.


It’s All About the Studio & Facilities

Contemporary crafters are coming together to visually express their thoughts on today’s most pressing societal conversations, like immigration, identity politics, and feminism. 
(Think: Pussyhat Project, those ubiquitous pink toppers spotted at protests nationwide, symbolizing support for women’s rights.) Here, you’ll find your own voice and put it to craft in a venue that allows for — and embraces — social practice. The objects you make will tell a powerful story. “The craft world is a venue that allows for social practice,” says Associate Professor Julie Abijanac. “The objects made are unassuming, and at the same time they’re visually loud.”


I Saw it On the News

You’ll get access to CCAD’s myriad facilities: wood and metal shops; ceramics, glass, jewelry, and fabrication labs; the Photography studio; and Fashion Design’s fabric room. Second semester is when things get really fun. “You have the freedom to explore all different media — any kind of concept you’d like,” says Tylan McCollum (Class of 2018). You’ll get to use tools like a 3D printer, laser cutters, and a CNC machine that can handle almost any material. 
Yes, please.


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Craft-Friendly Cbus

There’s a lot of opportunity in Columbus to gain experience off-campus. Glass Axis offers internships and work opportunities, while Hawk Galleries’ visiting artists and Sherrie Gallerie's exhibitions put a variety of techniques and perspectives on display. After graduation, jobs at places like Columbus Idea Foundry and Franklin Park Conservatory allow glass artists to continue to make — a mere pipe dream in cities without such supportive, collaborative communities.


A Hot Glass Class

At CCAD, you’ll have professional-grade glassblowing facilities at your fingertips — and quality instructors to show you the ropes ... er, kilns. In Intro to Glass, you’ll explore the dynamic material and learn a process that
“is completely foreign to anything else,” says Hannah Bates (Class of 2017). “It’s a massive adrenaline rush, but somehow you have to stay calm and cool. I know students who took the class and never touched glass again, but the lessons it taught them about patience, fear, and communication have stuck with them.”


Craft Careers (a.k.a. Be Your Own Boss)

With a Contemporary Crafts degree, you’ll be set to run a private studio (and sell work at art fairs and exhibitions), start your own gallery, and teach workshops, either in your studio or at centers across the country. Classes like production Techniques will help you learn how to create multiples of the same item, as well as delve into the practicalities of creating and selling work. And our Business curriculum, tailored for artists and designers, will prepare you to be your own boss with courses in finance for freelancers, starting your own business, and social entrepreneurship. 



Associate Professor of Contemporary Crafts, Fine Arts, and Master of Fine Arts 

Associate Professor of Contemporary Crafts, Fine Arts, and Master of Fine Arts 

When the German-born, Columbus-raised Julie Abijanac was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2005, her practice completely changed. The large-scale abstract painter learned to crochet and knit, which was a more accessible medium as she received treatment. She began producing fiber pieces and now documents her cancer struggle and survival in digital drawings and relief paper sculptures.

Professor of Contemporary Crafts, Fine Arts and Master of Fine Art

Professor of Contemporary Crafts, Fine Arts and Master of Fine Art

Kaname Takada’s lifelong interest in ceramics took root in Kasama, Japan, where he helped out at his uncle’s pottery studio as a teenager. Takada has exhibited work in France, New Zealand, Japan, Austria, and throughout the United States. His work is represented at the Canton Museum of Art, Zanesville Museum of Art, Ohio Craft Museum, on CCAD's campus and at other places both public and private.


  • MFA in Painting, Cranbrook Academy of Art
  • BFA in Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art & Design

Current Practice

I have a paper installation in the 9th Triennial of Paper at the Musée de Charmey in Switzerland, and I’m preparing work for a show at the Claypool-Young Gallery at Morehead State University. 

On Columbus

Columbus has allowed me to comfortably practice my craft and has so much to offer: art, nature, great food, festivals, and an amazing, diverse community.


The library. There is nothing like sitting in my studio with a big mug of tea or coffee and flipping through the pages of a book.

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  • MFA in Fine Arts and Ceramics, University of Notre Dame
  • BFA in Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art & Design

Current Practice

I work out of my basement studio making both decorative earthenware and functional stoneware pieces.

On Columbus

It’s a big enough city but not too big. I have lived in Columbus for almost 30 years and never seriously thought about moving anywhere else.


Talking to customers and meeting other exhibitors while my wife and I attend fairs. Yearly trips to Japan also help me reconnect to Japanese ceramics.

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