Your voice and vision matter at CCAD.

The CCAD Survival Guide is a collaboration between Columbus College of Art & Design students and the college itself.

Current CCAD students provided insight and insider knowledge about each program, and the entire project was produced by the CCAD Student Agency, with students in charge of the art direction and vision.

As paid members of CCAD’s Marketing & Communications department, students who work for the CCAD Student Agency have a huge impact on the college — and our community — on a daily basis.


Creative Direction 

Alma KimIllustration

Abigail DillonAdvertising & Graphic Design, 2018

Courtney Kuether, Animation, 2018

Kyle Benson, Photography, 2018

Serenity Strull, Film & Video, 2019


Animated Gifs Creation

Alma Kim, Illustration

Ethan Donaldson, Advertising & Graphic Design

Katelyn RatajczakAdvertising & Graphic Design, 2018

Khaila CarrIllustration, 2018

Roman Cartagena, Illustration, 2018

Serenity Strull, Film & Video, 2019


Graphic Design

Abigail Dillon, Advertising & Graphic Design



Ally Gill, Photography

Annie Noelker, Photography

Kyle Benson, Photography

Taylor Gamble, Photography



Website Editing Assistance 

Maddie Newman, Advertising & Graphic Design, 2020

Marissa Mullen, Advertising & Graphic Design, 2018  


Writing Assistance

Annie NoelkerPhotography, 2018


Vlog Creation

Darrin Faires, Film & Video, 2019

Jessica Howell, Film & Video, 2019

Josh Smukal, Film & Video, 2019

Serenity Strull, Film & Video, 2019

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