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The Comics & Narrative Practice major at Columbus College of Art & Design stands out from the pack thanks to its interdisciplinary approach. The courses are one part creative writing workshop, one part studio class, all parts awesome.


Plus, our favorite art and design tools, professors, and study break spots.


Meet Your Heroes

There’s something about Columbus that attracts great comics artists. Maybe it’s the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (where you’ll find the world’s largest collection of cartoon and comics-related materials), or the new Columbus Museum of Art Comics Residency, or the fact that we’re home to the Thurber House (former home of the late cartoonist, James Thurber). It’s probably all that, plus Comics Crossroads Columbus — a free comics event that brings in artists from all over the world. With folks like Jeff Smith (Bone), and Noah Van Sciver, one thing’s for sure: you’re in good company in Columbus.


The Business of Comics

You can get firsthand experience in
the business side of comics with Spitball, our annually-produced, in-house comics anthology. From design to print production to logo creation (will it look good on a sticker?) you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to publish — and promote — your work. You’ll make marketing materials, create social media campaigns, and learn how to showcase your product (and yourself) to the world.




Beyond Word Balloons

From one-panel to gag comics, from editorial to web, the world of comics is large. And you’ll get a deep dive into understanding the versatile path that comic artists have built. You’ll learn how others tackle storytelling and use that as a foundation to come up with your own narratives and how best to execute them. We can’t wait to see the stories you tell.


Get a Little Wordy

Sure, you’ll exercise your drawing muscles, but learning to write a great story puts the narrative in Comics & Narrative Practice. You’ll work on realistic, characterizing dialogue, and learn how to communicate clearly in a concise and economical way. (There’s only so much space on a page!) And you’ll learn how to write outside the text box by using lines to express character and emotion. Who knew a squiggly line could mean so much?


Creative Collaboration

While working on Spitball, you’ll be paired with professional writers (like Grace Ellis and Greg Rucka and Kelly Sue DeConnick) to carry out a shared vision in comics form. You’ll learn to work together and achieve shared goals. And sometimes these relationships can lead to further collaborations — just ask Shae Beagle (Class of 2017), who spun off a collaboration with Ellis into Moonstruck, hailed by the likes of Entertainment Weekly, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and The A.V. Club. “We looked at what we made for Spitball and thought, ‘We could do more with this. Let’s work on something together,’” says Beagle. In short: BFFs for life. 




Assistant Professor of Comics & Narrative Practice, CORE Studio, and Master of Fine Arts

Assistant Professor of Comics & Narrative Practice, CORE Studio, and Master of Fine Arts

As a large-scale immersive installation artist and documentarian, Laurenn McCubbin has worked as a designer and illustrator, publishing several comics and graphic novels with McSweeneys, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Last Gasp, and Dark Horse. 

Assistant Professor of Comics & Narrative Practice, CORE Liberal Arts: Writing, Literature & Philosophy, and Master of Fine Arts

Assistant Professor of Comics & Narrative Practice, CORE Liberal Arts: Writing, Literature & Philosophy, and Master of Fine Arts

Bloomsbury is publishing Robert Loss’s new book of music criticism, Nothing Has Been Done Before: Seeking the New in 21st Century American Popular Music, in November 2017. His critical writing about music and comics has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Public Books, PopMatters, The Comics Journal, the International Journal of Comic Art, and elsewhere. 


  1. MFA in Studio Art, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  2. MFA in Experimental and Documentary Art, Duke University
  3. BFA in Graphic Design, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Current Practice

I’m working on a new show now where I’m exploring the idea of narrative and how it’s structured in comics, but what I’m making is three-dimensional. 

On Columbus

It’s affordable but there’s a ton of stuff to do. Plus, there’s a very welcoming comics community.


I’m a big fan of museums, bookstores, and libraries.

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  • MFA in English/Creative Writing, Ohio State University
  • BA in English, Creative Writing and Literature, Ohio Wesleyan University

Current Practice

I’m shopping a short story collection and a novel, preparing for the release of my book, and working on two book proposals. I also have a monthly column at PopMatters. 

On Columbus

My favorite thing about Columbus is the vibrancy and friendliness of the community, especially the arts community.


Inspiration is everywhere. It can be hard work, but it’s important for me to be open and to truly listen to what’s going on. 

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