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In the Animation program at Columbus College of Art & Design, you’ll work closely with peers, professors, industry influencers, state-of-the-art animation technology, and maybe even a penguin or two. 


Plus, our favorite art and design tools, professors, and study break spots.


Zoo Animals on Campus

Animation Chair Charlotte Belland posts an animal drawing a day on Instagram (@bellandpixel). In the Cafe Sketch class, you’ll draw animals in real life and practice observational drawing that brings character to the, well, character. Allie Vanaman (Class of 2018) says Belland’s influence (which includes visits from Columbus Zoo & Aquarium animals to Cafe Sketch on the reg) has raised her confidence to sketch with marker and pen, and to draw anywhere, not just on campus. “And I’d be lying if I said I don’t draw animals more often than I did before.”


World-Class Tools, Global Teacher

CCAD alum Steve Hubbard helped create the animation for the LEGO films with Animal Logic Studio and was part of the team that won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects for Life of Pi. He teaches remotely and can connect you to a vast network of industry pros and insights. “Steve’s been super helpful at giving me perspective on how to achieve my goals through his own experiences working at many different high profile studios,” says Chase Harlan (Class of 2018).


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Toon Boom = Career Boon

We’ve used Toon Boom’s groundbreaking animation production and storyboarding software since the early 1990s. The industry’s super studios, from Disney to Pixar, use it, too. Toon Boom can integrate full 3D animation and allows multiple artists to work on different components of a scene on different computers. You’ll start your career knowing some of the best tech in the game.


Friday Night Clubbing

Every Friday at 7 p.m., animation students gather in Kinney Hall and get to work. This weekly meeting of the Animation Student Collective is the oldest student collective at CCAD. The group spends the first hour drawing and the second hour listening to industry professionals. Building cartoon camaraderie and connections? That’s how you adult on a Friday night.


Turn a Vision into Animated Reality

You can pitch your own project in classes across the curriculum. Here’s an example: In Animation Lab, Rachel Green (Class of 2018) and team pitched a project based on the graphic novel series Dragons Beware and developed a short film based on their pitch. The practice came in handy during her internship at Cartoon Network. Green developed a show idea and pitched it to studio leaders in LA.



Associate Professor, Animation

Associate Professor, Animation

Tom Richner is a three-time Emmy Award certificate winner for his work on The Simpsons, professional experience that helps keep his CCAD classes in animation, visual narrative and storyboard, portfolio, and layout and timing at CCAD relevant. When he’s not teaching, Richner animates pilots for TV shows, works on commercials — he’s won two Telly Awards — and freelances for Hollywood animated productions.

Visiting Faculty, Animation

Visiting Faculty, Animation

Nasheet Zaman has worked in Los Angeles and Toronto as a technical director and lighting and compositing artist. She has lit sets for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Rhythm & Hues, Arc Productions, and Disney Animation and racked up credits for such films as Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, and Big Hero 6. In addition to her position at CCAD, Zaman is VFX Supervisor at Ohio Film Group.


  • BFA in Drawing and Printmaking, Denison University
  • MFA in Animation, UCLA

Current Practice

I’m currently freelancing for a LA-based studio and managing some animation projects in Columbus.

On Columbus

There’s a lot of talent in the area. People working on Hollywood shows live in Columbus. There’s a creative vibe in the town, and it’s also an affordable place to live. 


Movies. Friends’ work. Stories I read or hear from people. Students also inspire faculty a lot.

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  • MS in Computer Science, Cornell University
  • BA in Computer Science, Cornell University
  • BA in English, Cornell University

Current Practice

I’m taking Aaron Sorkin’s online screenwriting MasterClass. It’s fascinating to see the variety of animation techniques being used today and know there are many more yet to be discovered.

On Columbus

There is an amazing sense of community in Columbus. Columbus will always be home. Also, Graeter’s Ice Cream.


I’ve been fortunate to attend independent film festivals this year, from the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York to the London International Filmmaker Festival. It’s inspiring to meet fellow filmmakers who are passionate about the craft.

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