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In the Film & Video program at Columbus College of Art & Design, you’ll work on projects that integrate real-world assignments, industry standards, professional practices, and challenging coursework.


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You Can Do Anything (Except That)

For artists, a limitation can be an inspiration. "Coming into the program and just shooting on your phone allows you to focus on the storytelling and the creativity, instead of being intimidated by technology," says Serenity Strull (Class of 2019). It may sound crazy, but when part of the creative process is restricted, imaginative solutions can flourish. So in Video 1, as you’re introduced to the basic principles of video production and cinematic aesthetics, you’ll also be tasked with producing a short film — with only your cellphone. It’s weird, but what can we say? Weird is fun, and weird is welcome here.


A Great Place to Work

Whether for advertising, for education, or for entertainment, we’re watching more videos than ever. And Columbus companies of all sizes, from multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 corporations to small independent retailers, are eager to get in on the action. Columbus’ diverse and thriving economy means it’s a great spot for Film & Video grads like you to find jobs as directors, motion graphics designers, screenwriters, or visual effects artists in industries from marketing to higher education.




Let’s All Go to the Movies

Whether on the single screen of Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse or inside the stately art-deco of the Drexel Theatre, independent cinema is all around you in Columbus. Catch a screening at CCAD’s own Beeler Gallery (@beelergallery), or take in a flick at the Wexner Center for the Arts. From documentaries and short films to critically acclaimed limited releases, there’s always something to watch.


One Film to Rule Them All

Senior thesis film rule number one: there are no rules. The capstone project for Film & Video students is the creation of a senior thesis film, the culmination of your creative journey at CCAD. This is the chance to create the biggest piece of your academic career. Some students make documentaries, some make art films, and one even made a choose-your-own-adventure piece. The results are sometimes wild and sometimes somber, but they are always original, just like you.


Make Art, Not Homework

At CCAD, students are artists. From art films to documentaries, Film & Video students are encouraged to find and follow their passions in cinematic storytelling. As you learn the steps of the filmmaking process, your instructors will remind you: make art, not homework. Each assignment is an opportunity for creative expression and personal development; imagination, whimsy, and passion are welcome. At the end of a project, you’ll step back and say, "I made that, and I’m proud of it."



Visiting Faculty, Film & Video

Visiting Faculty, Film & Video

Adam Kadar brings more than 15 years of professional teaching experience and 10 years of video production experience (including work as a cinematographer, co-producer, editor, and grip on films and commercials) to CCAD, where he teaches film and video production, visual narrative, and storyboarding. Kadar’s own short films have screened at the Cleveland International Film Festival, Cleveland Independent Film Festival, and International Film Festival Ireland.

Visiting Faculty, Film & Video

Visiting Faculty, Film & Video

Liz Roberts brings her experience of producing cinematic work for galleries and museums worldwide into the classroom to help students learn the tools of the trade and the ideas and theories behind narrative and cinematography. Roberts’ work has screened at Ann Arbor Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, New York Expo of Short Film and Video, the Knitting Factory (New York), Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn), Wexner Center for the Arts, and elsewhere.


  • BA in English, Youngstown State University

Current Practice

My recent work includes an experimental 3D animated short film and other pieces for the Ingenuity Festival and the Reinberger Gallery, both in Cleveland.

On Columbus

Columbus is a great city with a young vibe and lots of energy and optimism. There’s plenty to explore, from interesting architecture to welcoming parks and a great food scene.


I find inspiration in the textures of what’s around me. I also enjoy old films and the works of other filmmakers.

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  • MFA in Visual Arts: New Projects, Columbus College of Art & Design
  • BA in Film Production, University of Iowa

Current Practice

I like to collaborate with other artists and enjoy working with musicians and noise artists. A recent highlight was an automobile-inspired installation at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

On Columbus

There’s a great art and music scene in Columbus.


I’ve always been interested in road themes and the lack of female road themes, and a lot of my work relates to that.

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