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The Industrial Design curriculum at Columbus College of Art & Design reflects that industry’s rigorous real-world environment, thanks to dedicated professors, top-notch classes, and state-of-the-art tools. Also, we have a shopbot, which is pretty cool. 


Plus, our favorite art and design tools, professors, and study break spots.


Real-World Work Experience

Research, build, and potentially sell a prototype for your Senior Thesis (a recent student’s thesis of a first-stage prosthetic device is now in production). Or create a product for a real client, like Proctor & Gamble or BLACK+DECKER, in a senior-level class that teams you with The Ohio State University business, marketing, and engineering students. You’ll learn to communicate with clients and future colleagues and gain a standout portfolio piece.



Designed to Do More

Our small-but-mighty size translates to an Industrial Design community that’s competitive but close-knit. Hello, end-of-semester cookout parties. You receive personal attention from your professors who are also working professionals and understand the rigors of the career. They’re known to stay late to help with projects and drive students to professional and student events and competitions.


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Tools of the Trade (We Have ‘Em)

A laser cutter that slices through almost any material. A three-axis router shopbot. A Stratasys 1200es that builds functional prototypes layer by layer with engineering-grade thermoplastics. Make your heart race? Ours too. That’s why our best-in-class Tad Jeffrey FabLab in Kinney Hall is stacked with these tools and more. You can use them for your course projects or extracurriculars.


Fave Class

A beginners’ guide to design research, the Design Methodologies course puts professionals front and center. These industry leaders show their methods for document building and crafting design stories. "It also teaches you how to build connections within the industrial design community," says Vaidehi Thakkar (Class of 2019). "It taught me a way of thinking that I will apply to every project from now on."


Time to Learn

Your first year, you’ll explore the designs of everyday products (toasters, chairs, etc.) in Intro to Industrial Design. You’ll pick a famous designer and make a clock (or something else) based on their design principles. Steven Wink (Class of 2020) was inspired by Frank Gehry’s geometric stunner, the Walt Disney Concert Hall. "I hit a roadblock and figured out a way to change my design and ideas to match what’s possible with the materials given."



Professor of Industrial Design and CORE Studio

Professor of Industrial Design and CORE Studio

David Burghy was CCAD’s 2010 Teaching Excellence Award winner. He’s co-author of the 1998 and 2003 editions of the textbook Structural Drawing & Applications. His industry experience includes designing and creating displays for Wendy’s and zoos and aquariums across the country, including the popular manatee exhibit at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. 

Assistant Professor of Industrial Research and Design Research

Assistant Professor of Industrial Research and Design Research

John Youger has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and won CCAD’s 2017 Teaching Excellence Award winnner. Youger is senior director of strategy and insights at WD Partners, which works with global retail and consumer goods brands. He has developed, designed, and researched products for Starbucks, Red Bull, Microsoft, Target, Nestle, and many other international names. However, his most rewarding professional project has been creating a respiratory device for premature babies in hospital NICUs.


  • MEd in Art Education, University of Rio Grande
  • BFA in Industrial Design, Columbus College of Art & Design

Current Practice

I do some consulting work, but I mostly do my own woodworking and model building in my own shop.

On Columbus

Whether you want to something outdoors or something more cultural, it’s amazing how many resources there are within a relatively short drive.


When I’m doing furniture or personal woodwork, a lot of the inspiration comes from what I have in front of me and figuring out what can I do with it.

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  • BA in Industrial Design, The Ohio State University

Current Practice

Working 30 hours a week at WD Partners on top of teaching is almost an impossibility, but it allows me to be topical and relevant to my students.

On Columbus

My favorite things about Columbus are the Metro Parks, especially Highbanks, an oasis in the middle of the city. 


I’m constantly reading and watching TED talks and documentaries to collect information. I tend to go on walks (no music) and just think and process it.

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